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70 Seconds to High Quality Stands

Durable, Comfortable, and Owner-Friendly

At SAAFE, LLC we are experts in designing and installing bleachers and grandstands for all venues.  We serve all of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. 

Our Services


 We design and install bleachers for all sporting and viewing needs. The design criteria are to maintain a budget while providing the highest level of quality and comfort. 


We design and build grandstands for all viewing needs.  Our designs are customized for the venue, whether it is football, baseball, soccer, track, aquatic, fairs, or rodeo. 

Viewing and Practical Uses


Gymnasium Seating


Field Seating


Stadium Seating

Our bleachers and grandstands have a number of practical uses. They can be used as comfortable, clean, and high-capacity seating for a variety of events. This includes sports games, matches, competitions, and meets. However, bleachers and grandstands may also serve as seating for events that are not sports-related. Concerts, presentations, ceremonies, graduations, and more are all events where a lot of people need to be seated in an area. Our bleachers and grandstands are a great solution to seating needs for schools, arenas, sports teams, and others.

When SAAFE coordinates its efforts with you as an owner, architect, or engineer, the result is a high-quality viewing venue that provides the community with a comfortable and safe seat within budget.  Contact us today at 866-679-0865. 

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